Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Rimmel VoxBox!

Hey there!

I wanted to share with you about my latest VoxBox that I got free through Influenster... I was so excited when this came through the post (It was my first one!), I had been really looking forward to trying their foundation in particular.

A lot of foundations I have tried recently have been fairly heavy and have not made my skin feel very fresh or natural so when I first used Rimmel's Lasting Finish Foundation, I was sooooo happy!
It has an interesting applicator like a lipgloss wand (It probably has a proper name, sorry) which actually makes it so much easier to apply.
The foundation itself really is very lasting! It doesn't clog my skin at all and it gives a gorgeous finish. I am so happy with it.

I also got their concealer which I do really like, but wasn't quite so excited about. I like the actual product when applied very much, however I feel like the sponge applicator didn't dispense the concealer very well sometimes and so made it hard to use.

Two products were included within the package as an extra... One was a beautiful Moisture Renew Lipstick in the shade, Vintage Pink which I actually already own (I love it so much!) it's such a pretty and unique colour, it has a purple tone but not too much, helping it to be a great everyday/workwear shade. I would definitely recommend it!
The second was their Sculpting Palette which includes a highlighter, bronzer and blush, it's a nice set actually and is good to have everything in one. They are all really nice colours too so I have been using them all daily! (I'm a bit of a newbie to highlighters, so I approve of this!)

So that's my review of my Rimmel products within my VoxBox! I have been really happy with each of these and incorporate them into my daily makeup looks. The only thing I am not so keen on is the fact Rimmel test on animals :( I have just started to become more and more aware of this and so from now on will make sure I look out for the non cruelty to animals symbol <3

Let me know what you think and if you've tried any of these products! Also if you have any questions about Influenster then feel free to ask away :)

Jessica x

Monday, 4 September 2017

Tips for a more healthy week!


I have been thinking about being healthier a lot recently but when I say thinking, I really do just mean thinking! So I thought I would do a post for anyone out there like me, who has all the right intentions but just needs a bit of a steer in the right direction.

I find it so hard to work up the motivation to be healthy and I think it's because I want fast results, but that's not going to happen in reality. Our health is something we constantly need to be working at and I think that's what I find the hardest!

I've come up with a few things that you and I can both give a go!!

1. Drink more water...

Sounds sooooooo boring - Sorry. However it really is a good tip! Even if you just make sure you have 1 or 2 more glasses more than you currently have then thats a good start. Water is great for so many things such as your skin, your brain, your kidneys...! Why not switch one of your multiple cups of tea (and I know how hard that is) for a glass of water?!

2. Tidy some drawers or a room


This point I was thinking more of the healthy mind kind of thing. People always say that thing that goes something like, "tidy home, tidy mind" so it must be true. I've actually been sorting out my bedroom and in particular my drawers. They were so messy inside before and I didn't really know the half of what was in there! Now that I've cleared it all out I feel like I can think straight and I don't have to do an inward groan every time I open the drawer...

3. Get an early night

Now I am definitely not someone who does this much... Well ever, to be really honest. I always have it in my head that I can just browse a few more things on Instagram or something and before I know it, it's 47 minutes later and midnight! I think the key is to set yourself a time of when you would like to be in bed, lights out and really stick to it. I would like to do that by 10 and I will definitely try! I promise!

4. Find one fruit or vegetable that you really enjoy!

Again sorry that this is such a typical, dull point. It is very important though, especially as we are coming up to the Autumn where it is going to get colder and people will have colds!
I absolutely love avacados, I think they are manna sent down from heaven. Lucikily for me, they are extremely healthy! Yay me! So maybe you like them too? If not (and I really find it hard to believe that anyone would dislike them), I'm almost certain there will be some other kind of fruit or vegetable that you actually really like. Why not browse the supermarket isle and try something you've not had before? :)

5. Spare some time just to do nothing

I think it is very important to set some time aside for yourself. Even if just an evening where you don't have any plans except maybe a date with Netflix and a pizza (or an avacado). It is so good to be able to just completely switch off, take off all your makeup and relax! We live such hectic lives where we are just have one thing after another to do, so just don't do anything for a change!
If you're the opposite and you are doing nothing more than you are doing something then I suggest the pointer for you could be to spare time for doing something with other people. Why not meet up with a friend and spend a couple of hours of quality time together? You definitely won't regret it, building relationships with people is always a good idea. They'd probably really appreciate that you took the time to think of them!

That's it! That's enough healthy-ness for one post. I will definitely be trying to give these things a go, let me know if you've got any other good tips we can all try out too.

Till next time,
Jessica x

Monday, 28 August 2017

RoseGal Favourites

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone's been having a lovely couple of weeks since my last post, we have been having such amazing weather this last week, I've really enjoyed it! How about you?

I'm really excited to share with you a new online clothing store that I've found, they're called RoseGal and have got a super cool range of items!!

I've picked out a few of my favourite clothes for you to see along with their links (in case you like them too!!) along with a lovely discount code as a present from myself and RoseGal if you're interested!


High Neck Palm Print Bikini

I love this so much!! This is a high neck bikini and as you've probably noticed, these have been really in this summer, especially with the palm print design. I haven't really tried high neck bikinis until now but I think they're so different to the usual design and shape so a great choice if you want something a bit more unique.

Red Bikini

Seeing as its still summer (just about) and because I'm slightly optimistic that we will continue to have lovely weather, I thought that it would be okay to include another bikini that caught my eye!
I don't actually have a red one at the moment but have been looking out for one recently and I think this will be a good option! Its super cute and such a gorgeous shade that I just wish I had actually found it sooner...

Striped Jumpsuit

I loved this as soon as I saw it, the stripes really make it work so well and add to the fun, summery vibe. I find jumpsuits so good for warm holidays because they're really lightweight and cool to wear helping you not feel so overheated!!

Knot Bracelet
Lastly I wanted to share this simple yet charming gold knot bracelet... I think it is so cool and could really add the finishing touch to an outfit! I'm not sure if I prefer gold or silver jewellery these days but I really did like this so wanted to show you too! They have other really nice styles too.

So that's a selection of some of my favourite things from RoseGal. Let me know what you think! They've got a summer sale on at the moment as you can see in the photo below, the discount code for an extra 10% off is RGEN


Jessica x 

Friday, 4 August 2017

Where have I been!?

Hi guys!

I hope you're all okay! The sunshine is actually out today for a change, I could to so far as to say it feels like summer! (Almost)

Well I thought I would do a post today to say I am so very sorry for deserting you all and not posting for what feels like a decade... I have been so busy with one thing or another so my mind unfortunately hasn't been on my blog.

I have been doing a lot on Instagram though and I'm really enjoying it! If you have it too do you fancy following each other? I really like to support the other makeup bloggers so always like to help and follow back where I can!

So if you're interested... http://www.instagram.com/jessicacantell

My latest post has been featuring a new book I've been reading called, 'The Last Letter From Your Lover' by Jojo Moyles - I love her books, she's such a good author. Have any of you got any good book suggestions?

Lovely to be writing with you again, hope to post again soon and do head over to Instagram too if you'd like to be friends there 😄

All the best,
Jessica x

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Most Wanted

Hey there,

So I was just doing a bit of online shopping when I thought to myself... I'm doing a bit too much online shopping :| Don't we all have that moment? Or do some of you have better control?! (Hats off to you if so!)

That led me to write this blog post, my most wanted items! I thought I would put them on a list and if I still want them in a week or two then I guess they're not going anywhere :)
Here they are:

Jelaca Blogs

I found this on ASOS as they normally have some good makeup deals. At the moment this one is reduced from £10.99 to £7.69 which is a nice amount off if you need a new primer! 
Has anyone tried this? Let me know what you think!

Everyone knows how popular these are at the moment! I'd really like to find one because they look super cool... Plus it's always fun buying new swimwear :) The summer is only just beginning!
I found this one from Missguided, it's only £10 for the top which I thought was pretty good!

You see a lot of the regular black suede band choker necklaces which are cool, but this is a little different to the norm and caught my eye. It's a really pretty chain with a lovely square pendant in the middle. It's only £5 at ASOS and they're still doing free delivery! I have been inspired a lot recently by Stephanie Pratt's Instagram page... She has some lovely necklaces :)

4. elf Studio Flawless Finish Foundation


Now, I don't know about you, but when I buy something it's usually based the reviews! I had a look on Youtube at some beauty blogger's reviews on this foundation and the few I saw said they really liked it. They mentioned it has good coverage and I am a little worried it may be slightly too heavy but would like to give it a go. It's only £7.50

5. Cushions...

Lastly I wanted to add something for the home. As you may know, (From my last post) I am going to be moving into my first flat on Tuesday! (Yayyyy!!) and so thought this would be fitting!
This gorgeous cushion is much too expensive for me, but was one of the most lovely patterns I had seen. This is Ralph Lauren and costs a whole £59 :'( If any of you are rich and lucky enough to be able to buy this gem, then the link is in the title above!

Thats all folks. Let me know your thoughts :)

J x

Friday, 22 July 2016

Moving in Day!


So on Tuesday I am going to be moving into my new flat!!! It's my first ever home and I can't wait for the day to come! I just wanted to share this with you all to let you know what I'm doing at the mo :)

When I'm all settled it will be much easier to post blog posts and do photos etc, because I'll be able to spread out and it will just be me. Maybe in the next couple of weeks I'll do a post to show it to you guys!

Hope you're all okay, speak soon :) <3

Friday, 24 June 2016

EU Referendum - In or Out?

So there's been a lot of talk and anger about the result of whether or not we stay in the EU.
I don't know what your thoughts are on this and maybe I'm opening a whole can of worms by posting about this, I don't know!

I'll start by saying, what did you want to happen today? Did you vote yesterday?

I hope I am not criticized by sharing my thoughts on this... I know a lot of people on Facebook have been saying it is such a mistake and that they are so upset to have left! However, I am going to honestly say that I wanted to leave.

I know that there are a lot of scary things that could happen now that we have left, but I also feel that the Eurpean Union was beginning to get very controlling and we don't know what things they could restrict us with in the future. It's all up in the air at the moment and there is a lot of worry, but we have to let the dust settle as this is going to be a long process.

We are still European! I don't see why they wouldn't want us in the Eurovision - Australia were even in it the last two years! (Plus we're so fab, they'd miss us too much!) 

All I want to say really, is don't worry too much if you're upset about this... Britain is an amazing country and we have done such fantastic things in the past, so we can get through this.

Would love to hear your thoughts... Please don't be too mean to me! 
Oh, and I almost forgot. Poor David Cameron has lost his job, so I thought I'd share a sketch I did of him!

Hope you have a lovely rest of the day... Maybe now when people ask if you're an innie or outy they won't be talking about belly buttons?

Jelaca x